nick sharratt

Nick Sharratt's homepageNick wanted a site to reflect his fantastic illustrations. I designed it to include a comprehensive listings of his books, event details and information children can access before school visits or for project work.

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christina cunningham

christina cunningham's websiteChristina is an amazing costume designer. She needed a simple site to showcase photographs of her work. I  created this customised WordPress theme and regularly update her site.

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bernadette castle

Bernadette Castle's homepageTrying to avoid the cliche counselling website design, Bernadette wanted a bold and bright site providing information for potential clients. This was created using a customised WordPress theme.

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miss krystal ball

Miss Krystal Ball's website frontpageMiss Krystal Ball wanted a website to show how fabulous she is. I helped her with a domain name and hosting space, customised a WordPress theme and taught her how to add and edit content.

Visit her site here